The expert groups are working in the different fields of activity of CAFO. Every member of CAFO could be a member in some of the expert groups (it is up to his/her decision). Every expert group has its leader, who is elected by the members of the expert group. The leader of the expert group is a member of the CAFO Council. The CAFO currently has the following 5 expert groups:

Expert Group for Integrated Rescue System and Sports
The leader of the expert group: Ing. Mark Sobek
The group works in the field fire intervention, Integrated Rescue System (IRS) and official sports. The members of the expert groups participate in the preparation of methodological documents (SOPs’) of Fighting guidelines for fire units, organization of vocational training (Slezska Harta, Rallye Hamry) and projects (eg. training of firemen in flashover container). The expert group are supported by grants focused on the activities of the fire units.

Expert Group for Fire Prevention, Civil Protection, Crisis Management and Public Education
The leader of the expert group: Ing. Martin Pliska
The group is active in the field of fire prevention, civil protection, crisis management and education. Members of the expert group participate in the drafting of legislation and the preparation of materials in the area of fire prevention and fire safety of buildings. The expert group took the responsibility over the days of fire safety (announced on Friday the 13th.) There is a long tradition of photo competition called “Firefighters before and behind the camera”. Information materials from the field of fire prevention are used in Regional Fire Rescue Brigades for preventive and educational activities in schools and they are regularly sponsored from grants.

Expert Group for Fire Technical Disciplines
The leader of the expert group: Ing. Pavel Thin
This group of experts have been primarily dedicated to the issue of RTC (road traffic collision) – rescuing people from crashed vehicles. The group participates in making methodologies and organization of educational and methodological work in that field (SOPs’). The expert group took the responsibility of the organization of competitions in rescuing people from crashed vehicles, making rules and guarantee of referees training. This step was made after an agreement with the Ministry of Interior – General Directorate of Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. Members of the expert group participate in creating methodological rules on national level.

Expert Group for IT

The leader of the expert group: Mgr. Jonáš Vachta
The expert group mainly cares for websites, e-mail server and social media communication. Members of the expert group participate in making the concepts of information and communication technologies used in fire protection and integrated rescue system.