Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic 

Primary mission of the Fire Rescue Service of CR is to protect life, health and property of citizens against fire, and to provide effective help in emergencies. Fire Rescue Service of CR is one of the basic bodies of the Integrated Rescue System, which has been operating with new structure since 1st January 2001. Under the Act No. 320/2015 Coll. on Fire Rescue Service of CR and on certain regulations, new organisational structure had been established and the basic tasks had been determined.

Faculty of Safety Engineering, VSB-TUO  



The Faculty of Safety Engineering is a promising faculty that offers unique fields of studies focused on safety engineering and fire protection. In the Czech Republic this faculty is of one of its kind, and therefore its graduates are sought after by experts both in public administration and in the private sector. The core activity of the Faculty of Safety Engineering is focused on expert and consultancy activities, pedagogical activities or contracted research. In particular the above stated activities are provided by this Faculty in the fields of population protection, occupational safety and processes, the prevention of major accidents, the protection of the critical infrastructure, and last but not least, the safety of nanomaterials and nanotechnology.


Sdružení požárního a bezpečnostního inženýrství (Association of Fire and Safety Engineering)


Support for education of employees and members of emergency services. Publishing house operation and Publisher of professional literature in the field of safety engineering. Organization of conferences and seminars.





Information server about interventions, prevention, fire sports, voluntary fire units, fire technology. Discussion forum.





The FEU is the independent professional body of 24 European fire officer associations or state fire services (including UK and Norway) whose members are senior professionals that have responsibility for strategic management of the Fire and Rescue Services in their respective countries at municipal, county, regional or state level.




The Mission of CTIF is to work to better understand, and continuously improve, the working conditions for firefighters through ongoing dialogue, analysis and sharing of Lessons Learned from incidents, accidents and fires throughout the world.



Česká hasičská jednota (Czech Fire Unity)


The Czech Fire Unity is a member of the CTIF National Committee and in its activities closely cooperates with other civic associations in the area of ​​fire protection, especially with the Firemen's Association of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, the Moravian Fire Unity and the Czech Association of Fire Officers.


Moravská hasičská jednota (Moravian Fire Unity)


The main task is to unite citizens for the purpose of protecting their lives and health and property from fires and providing assistance during natural disasters and other extraordinary events in which the life and health of citizens are at risk.


Sdružení hasičů Čech, Moravy a Slezska (Firemen's Association of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia)

Firemen's Association of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia is an organization that unites volunteer firefighters in the Czech Republic. The association was founded in 1991 as a successor organization of the Czechoslovak Fire Protection Association. The basic unit is voluntary fire brigade.


Asociace velitelů jednotek sborů dobrovolných hasičů, z. s. (Association of Commanders of Voluntary Fire Brigades)


The main task of the Association of Commanders of Voluntary Fire Brigades is increasing the education and expertise of voluntary fire brigades members of municipalities, expanding scientific and technical knowledge and practical experience in the field of fire protection and rescue services both among members and the wider professional public, and representing voluntary fire brigades municipalities as a basic component of integrated rescue system in the Czech Republic.


Asociace velitelů Hasičských záchranných sborů podniků, z.s. (Association of Commanders of Enterprise Fire and Rescue Services)


The Association of Commanders of Enterprise Fire Rescue Services is an association dealing with the issue of fire protection in industrial and non-industrial enterprises, the working and social conditions of employees of fire rescue services of enterprises and members of voluntary fire rescue services of enterprises, the education of their employees and members, and publishing activities.


Slovak Association of Fire Officers


The civic association was founded in 2014. The main task is to create a professional platform of members of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Slovak Republic to promote a highly professional opinion on fire protection in relation to state and local government authorities, as well as in relation to the Government of the Slovak Republic and the National Council of the Slovak Republic.



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